The dispersal sale of Salers on behalf of Gerald Benney, Trease herd, sold to a superb trade topping at 2600gns for Rigel Paloma, a 2008 born black Salers with bull calf by Trease Barney at foot.

At 2550gns was the herd’s 2009 Royal Cornwall Show Champion again from the Rigel herd, the 2007 born  Rigel Tansy with a bull calf by Rigel Oberon at foot.

Trease cows topped by Trease Tia 3 with heifer calf at foot again sired by Trease Barney.

It was Rigel Paloma’s progeny that saw the exception trade of the day topping the in-calf heifers and bull sections.  Her 2010 in-calf heifer Trease Paloma Poll at 1,580gns and her 2011 bull calf Trease Charlie Poll selling for 2,300gns.

Outside vendors Mr M Light sold cows with heifers to 1,580gns and Mr E Lowman saw in-calf heifers to 1,500gns.

Averages: 14 cows and calves £1600, 11 bulling and in-calf heifers £1240, nine bulls £1500 (Kivells Auctioneers).

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