A successful spring sale at Welshpool with plenty of interest around the ring. Plenty of choice in bulls and with a production sale from Preenbank Salers there was more than enough choice in females.

The pre-sale show was judged by Geraint Powell from Kerry, Newtown.

Show Results

Senior Males

1st           Approach Farm Monty, A & K Gowthorpe (sold for £2100)

2nd          Seawell Maverick, PM & SM Donger sold for (£3780)

3rd           Seawell Montgomery, PM & SM Donger (no sale)

4th           Seawell Merlot, PM & SM Donger (sold for £2625)

Intermediate Males

1st           Seawell Magnum, PM & SM Donger (no sale)

2nd         Seawell Mozart, PM & SM Donger (no sale)

Junior Males

1st           Preenbank Nando, F & B Robinson (sold for £3570)

2nd         Preenbank Norman, F & B Robinson (no sale)

3rd          Preenbank Nobleman, F & B Robinson (sold for £2415)

Overall Champion

Approach Farm Monty, A & K Gowthorpe

Reserve Overall Champion

Seawell Magnum, PM & SM Donger


Pedigree Bulls top price £3780 average £2898

Pedigree Females top price £2625 average £1695

Commercial Females top price £1400 average £1100