A busy market day at Newark with some quality Salers on offer alongside Lincoln Reds, Aberdeen Angus, Simmentals and British Blues plus several hundred sheep!

First the show results judged by Alistair Smith of Nottinghamshire


1st           Approach Farm Griffin – A & K Gowthorpe, York

2nd          Seawell Indigo – PM & SM Donger, Towcester

3rd           Seawell Ishmael – PM & SM Donger, Towcester

Approach Farm Griffin

Approach Farm Griffin


1st           Beeston Hall Genna – S & R Hallos, Halifax

2nd          Rigel Contessa – Rigel Pedigree, Yarm

3rd           Rigel Chicory Poll – Rigel Pedigree, Yarm

Quickly followed by the sale

4 bulls forward only one sold in the ring – Rigel Prospero, Rigel Pedigree sold for 2,900gns

6 females forward 4 sold to a top of 1,800gns average 1,7500gns

Despite a disappointing sale in the ring, all but one bull went to new homes and there were lots of enquiries about the breed.  Salers are again proving that they are the up and coming breed for conscientious farmers. They provide an easy care lifestyle for the busy modern day farmer.  Easy to take care of; easy calving and good foragers.